Kreolis Music World – Ambient Morning Call #131


A lovely sunny sunday morning in Helsinki.
I am brining you a nice wake up call so that you start fresh and with energy into the weekend and the upcoming week.

1 Mountain 6 by Dislocations
2 Through by Jaja
3 Esencia by Ajnia
4 Nam Bandara by Mythematica
5 The Balance by Ambientium
6 Everyday Basis by Note
7 Aliens Play by Fat Cat
8 Rebirth by Oddi
9 One-Oh-Three (timeless edit) by Xerxes
10 Space Light by Hybrid Leisureland

Kreolis Music World – Dub #130


Back with another session from home. It’s so nice to do this again.
I hope you had a lovely time with your loved ones and lets start in a awesome year!

1 Mamari (Rafael Aragon remix) by Muito Kaballa Power Ensemble
2 Slow Ya Boobook by Oreku
3 Masala Dub by Terrakota ft Vasundhara Das & Mahesh Vinayakra
4 Game Changer (Lee Scratch Perry dubmix) by The Anthronauts ft Nongoma
5 Natural Juice (Dub Version Flox remix) by Fanga
6 Sports Radio (RLC Dub mix) (Bandcamp exclusive) by Elite Beat
7 World Confusion by Flowertz
8 De-Pressurize by Wolfen Technologies
9 Awka (Tara Putra Remix) by Dubsalon
10 Subminimal Message (Expedizion Remix) by Brujo’s Bowl

Kreolis Music World – Polin Appro Smooth TechHouse #129


So do you remember the pup crawl from last time?
Now imagine yourself in one of the biggest in Helsinki among the student communities on the second day in a row partying in the evening until 2 am.
That is when you hear my set again.
But I would not play the same thing over again. No! As I came more familiar with the clubs setup I got quite confident and present to you some smooth techhouse.

1 Sambanova (Sam La More Remix) by Pnau
2 Helix (Original Mix) by Aki Bergen
3 The Dawn (Dixon Remix) by Chloe (FR),Dixon
4 Hallelujah Anyway (Larse Vocal) by Candi Staton,Larse
5 45 Deep Rollin`Stars by DJ DEL B.
6 Seeing Is Believing (Original Mix) by Eli & Fur,Shadow Child
7 Falling In Love (Original Mix) by Vario Volinski
8 Your Love (Supernoava Dirty Mix) by Tapesh & Dayne S
9 Human (Original Mix) by David Durango
10 Harajuku (Original Mix) by Jamie Jones
11 XTC (Original Mix) by DJ Koze
12 Granulated Soul (Original Mix) by Oliver $
13 Acamar (Original Mix) by Frankey,Sandrino
14 Faded (Original Mix) by Zhu
15 Waypoint by Technimatic

Kreolis Music World – Polin Appro Drippy DnB #128


Have you ever been on a pup crawl?
Imagine yourself in one of the biggest in Helsinki among the student communities and then in the evening partying until 2 am.
That is when you hear my set. Unfortunately the club owner wanted to close early.
I only had 25 min to play, but I tried my best :D.


1 Self Control feat. Cecil Felix (Original Mix) by Interlope
2 Sometimes by Technimatic
3 Gunfinger Fam (VIP) by Inja,Serum,Voltage
4 FWD feat. Pola & Bryson (Original Mix) by Logistics
5 Glue by Bicep
6 Clarity (ft. Kemo) by Octane & DLR
7 Northern Light (Original Mix) by Mav
8 Dub Safari (Original) by S.P.Y
9 Yikes! (Lung Remix) by London Elektricity
10 Landslide (feat. Inja) (Original) by S.P.Y
11 Sooner Or Later (Original Mix) by Fourward
12 Send Your Neighbour To Space (Original Mix) by Physics

Kreolis Music World – Neon Rave Fast Techno #127


This year Neon Rave is back. Fortunately the booked a DJ that played fast techno. Unfortunately that DJ has lost the playlist for this gig.
Sorry for no track names, my USB stick did not want to give me my data back…
But the gig was cool. Was quite challenging as the previous DJ played a DnB set. So keeping up the vibes meant going fast :D.

Kreolis Music World – Ylikulku Rave Deep Techno #126


AaltoDj organised a “little” rave party. I had an awesome night. Though I am not so familiar with the CDjs, I am quite happy how it went.
The crowd was also the best <3. 1 Junocide remix by Logo 2 Control Movement (Original Mix) by Gesaffelstein 3 Marsch by Spitzer 4 Destiny by Bratenschneider 5 Pumpking Universe by Juicy Bits 6 Floppy (Matteo DiMarr Rework) by Matteo DiMarr,Nikitin & Semikashev 7 The Chomper (LSD Version) by Propof 8 Magic Mint (Feat Filipe Teixira) by Flembaz 9 Titelheld (Patrick Kunkel Remix) by Extrawelt,Patrick Kunkel 10 Object Seven by Inigo Kennedy 11 Moonraker (Original Mix) by Foremost Poets

Kreolis Music World – Original Student Festival House #125


I was invited by the original student festival to play at the biggest stage for me jet. Had a nice day even though it was very windy.
I am not yet sure if I like the big events. The smaller raves and venues have more intimate relationship with the audience.

1 Deep Field (Losoul Remix) by LoSoul,Tony Lionni
2 For The Faint Of Heart (Original Mix) by Arithmetics
3 The Dawn (Dixon Remix) by Chloe (FR),Dixon
4 Basement Chord (Original Mix) by Washerman
5 Still Can’t Stop The House feat. Fi B Haven (Original Mix) by Kikumoto Allstars
6 Washing Up (Tiga Remix) by Tiga,Tomas Andersson
7 Disco En Paradiso (Original Mix) by Tuccillo
8 Miezekatze by Ogris Debris
9 Don’t Forget Who You Are (Original Mix) by Rejuvination
10 Alors On Danse (Dubdogz Remix) by Stromae
11 somebody used to put my jeans on (mashup) by Tony Maroni

Kreolis Music World – Alikulku Rave Drum&Bass #124


We had an awesome rave in a street under passage. This set was also Ukrainian artists only. I hope you enjoy it. It was really fun to play with all the random people and bad ass speakers.

1 Concentric by Adred & Cory James
2 On You by Annix & Simula
3 Orbiter by Askel & Elere
4 From The Start by ArpXP
5 Chain Of Command by Black Sun Empire & Nymfo
6 Halfjung by DJ Ride
7 Threat by Current Value
8 Half Light by Cauzer & Tacktile
9 Don’t Sleep by Dr. Apollo & dela Moon
10 Hybrid by Document One
11 The Other Tune by Ed:it
12 Glory Of Arschole by Goldberg Variations
13 Pilot by GEST
14 Little Switches by Fre4knc & Subtension
15 Fancy Candles VIP by Holographic
16 No Entry by Geostatic & TWO XY
17 Deathtiny by M.Justa


Kreolis Music World – Deep House #123


Today we have a mixset that I did for the Aalto Welcome Day fare.
It was a fun day and behind me was a jumping castle. So everybody did enjoy the music while jumping to the beat :D.
It is chill and more laid back house set.

1 So Long (Original Mix) by Larse
2 Omni (Original Mix) by Dairmount,Marino Berardi
3 Homelands (Ross Couch Remix) by Fabien Kamb,Ross Couch
4 Left (Original Mix) by Fabian Reichelt,Marek Hemmann
5 Fall Away From Love (Original Mix) by Danny Daze
6 Conscious Of My Conscience (Henrik Schwarz Remix) by 012,Freaks,Henrik Schwarz
7 All Shook Up (Original Mix) by Chris Malinchak
8 Mothership (Original Mix) by MD X-Spress,Sante
9 Stop Your Hate (Original Mix) by Maceo Plex
10 Karasu (Crowdpleaser Remix) by Quarion
11 Pleasure Delay (Jason Burns Remix) by Natasha Kmeto
12 Ballin (Original Mix) by Illyus & Barrientos
13 Attrition (Original Mix) by Celsius
14 You And I feat. Cari Golden (Original Mix) by Cari Golden,Fur Coat
15 Since I Don’t Have You (Original Mix) by Jonas Rathsman
16 For The Faint Of Heart (Original Mix) by Arithmetics
17 Seeing Is Believing (Original Mix) by Eli & Fur,Shadow Child
19 All Nights (Original Mix) by Martyn,Mike Slott
20 Get Serious (Original Mix) by Audiojack
21 Howling (Ame Remix) by Ame,Frank Wiedemann,Ry

Kreolis Music World – Deep Techno #122


After some time again a episode. Sorry for the delay but I had some gigs to do. Unfortunately at the beginning I had a sound problem with the left channel. I could resolve it in about 3 mins. If you don’t want to have no sound on one ear you can skip it.

1 Dark And Long (Christian Smith Tronic Treatment Remix) by Christian Smith,Underworld
2 Hunter (Roman Flügel Remix) by Martin Buttrich,Roman Fluegel
3 Crystal Cave by Lampé
4 Dust To Dust by Nicorus feat. Sawatzki
5 Cold Stars In Space by Luis M
6 Journey To The Center Of The Earth by Nicorus
7 Great Yellow Rose In Your Brain by Mydä
8 Orobas (Daäna Remix) by Flembaz