Kreolis Music World – Drum & Bass Chill #144


Did you notice those old game console drum & bass mixes that appeared on youtube a while ago? I was a bit inspired by those and put a nice chillout liquid drum & bass episode together for you.
So lets enjoy the vibes!

1 Fool’s Paradise (Original Mix) by SpectraSoul
2 Sometimes We Lie… (Original Mix) by SpectraSoul
3 Space 2 Breathe VIP by Bop
4 Remember That Day by EastColors
5 Pastel by Channell
6 Desire by Petroll
7 Ciconia by Nu:Tone
8 Felt by Pola & Bryson
9 Still Life by Tokyo Prose
10 Lviv by Seba
11 Your Soul by Redeyes
12 Spaces by Etherwood
13 Star Search by Flaco
14 Adrift by Brainwork
15 If You Want by Zar

Kreolis Music World – Deep House #143


During midsommer I was going to a really lovely party on an island. There were multiple raves going on at the same time. Some at the beach some a bit more in the woods.
This is so cool to see and be at. So therefore I decided to dedicate this episode to them.

1 Strong Emotion (Original Mix) by City Walkers
2 I Know (Original Mix) by Alexis Raphael
3 Love Somebody Else Feat. Joi Cardwell (Original Mix) by Joi Cardwell,Jon Dasilva,Maceo Plex
4 (Who Knows) Where Loves Goes (Original Mix) by Last Magpie
5 With You Feat. Grovesnor (David August Mix) by David August,Flight Facilities,Grovesnor
6 Ornette (Noze Remix Extended Club Version) by Ornette
7 Worst Love (Original Mix) by Robosonic
8 What We Know (Motor City Drum Ensemble Remix) by Midland,Motor City Drum Ensemble
9 Sense of Swing by Malin Genie
10 Kackvogel (Original Mix) by Solomun

Kreolis Music World – Technoparty #142


What better music to start the summer than afrobeat and a bit of funky vibes.
So lets get your summer clothes out and swing your booty.
Enjoy and be happy!

1 Timing (Kollektiv Turmstrasse Remix) by Guy Gerber,Kollektiv Turmstrasse
2 Mad Things (2008 Edit) by Alex Carbo
3 Shed 13 (Original Mix) by Kikumoto Allstars
4 One For the Booth (Original Mix) by Throwing Snow
5 Aragorn (Original Mix) by Solee
6 Academy (Original Mix) by Delon & Dalcan
7 Quantum (Original Mix) by Etapp Kyle
8 Arrival (Original Mix) by MATRiXXMAN
9 Rosie Dog by Audio Dependent

Kreolis Music World – Afrofunk #141


What better music to start the summer than afrobeat and a bit of funky vibes.
So lets get your summer clothes out and swing your booty.
Enjoy and be happy!

1 Wonder Us by Haitch & Rhabdomantic Orchestra
2 Manifesta by IFÁ
3 Tú Llorarás by Holly Holden y Su Banda
4 Primary Sources by London Afrobeat Collective
5 Wetiko by Luka Afrobeat Orquesta
6 Dodgy Fella by Ojibo Afrobeat
7 Bully Boys In Power by The Anthronauts ft Nongoma
8 No Waiting by Les Freres Smith ft Seun Kuti
9 Iba Niawoulo by Professor Wouassa

Kreolis Music World – Layback Techno #140


It was such a nice weekend, that I decided to lay back with some old school techno from probably 20 years ago.
This set more a relax and chill then a party set.

1 Square 1 (Original Mix) by Paul Kalkbrenner
2 Take My Time by Lampé
3 Crop Circle by Aerodrömme
4 Eyes To See by Fredrik Astevall
5 Unbreakable by MNGRM
6 Binary Iteration by Ben Rama
7 Magic Mint (Feat Filipe Teixira) by Flembaz
8 Flatpad by Point
9 Interstate Roller Skate by Happy Panda
10 Aéro Dynamik (Kling Klang Dynamix) by Kraftwerk

Kreolis Music World – Drum & Bass #139


Lovely Sunday in Finland and we are enjoying the last glimpses of the weekend.
If you had no time to dance then be ready. However, we are slowing it down at the end.

1 Rido Breeze by Metalheadz
2 Tink Ya Bad (Original Mix) by G Dub
3 Can’t Get Enough (Original Mix) by Camo & Krooked
4 Autopsy (Original Mix) by Receptor
5 Murmur (ft. Break) by Octane & DLR
6 Round the World in a Day feat. Elsa Esmeralda (Royalston Remix) by London Elektricity
7 Shiver by A Sides
8 Stick & Move feat. MC Fokus (Original Mix) by DLR,MC Fokus,Octane
9 Still Remain by Chords
10 Hope by Cooh
11 Come To Pass by Grafix
12 Fuji (William Light Remix) by IMANU
13 About That by MISSIN
14 Left Of Field by Machine Code
15 Odesa by Halogenix
16 Coming Home by KALOA
17 Fallen From Grace by Leniz & Telomic

Kreolis Music World – Downtempo #138


After some high bpm episodes we need a bit of a break and are going on a musical journey.
It starts slow and calming. We will explore even slower music before we ramp up the tempo to get you ready for the next high bpm session.

1 Everlasting Now by Bandarlog
2 Rises In The East by Kalya Scintilla
3 Dreaming Desiderata by Chaos Control
4 Winter by Kukan dUb Lagan
5 Air by Ajnia
6 Mercury by Dream Stalker
7 Garden Of Dreams by Erofex
8 Big Vargan by Chronos
9 El Loco by Caribombo
10 Exploration by Aureohm
11 DNA Activation Sequence by Minds of Infinity
12 Strawberry Lassy by Maiia

Kreolis Music World – Alikulku Drum & Bass #137


We had another underground party. I am very thankful that I could play there. The audience was really nice and weather was also already warm enough to enjoy.
I played pretty hardcore stuff that I you normally not hear from me. Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy it!!!

1 Vanta Blackin by Benny L & Inja
2 Cosmic by DJ Trace
3 Jungle Bells by Dunk
4 Face of Ceres by Harka ft. Top Rankin
5 Iverson by HLZ
6 Criminal by Joely
7 Stay by Kray
8 The ISM by Melinki x Macca
9 Don’t Suffocate Me by Gemma Rose x External Subway
10 Cyber City by MEL
11 Balto by Petroll
12 DRM by Smokey
13 Antechamber by SyRan
14 Sleek (Original Mix) by Whiney
15 Lightning Flashes (Original Mix) by Infuzoria
16 Toyo by Dextems
17 Down (Original Mix) by Gemini (UK)


Kreolis Music World – Ylikulku Techno b2b Monsu #136


I had the great pleasure to play a b2b set during a very awesome rave “Ylikulku”.
Very well done audio setup and in general nice crowd.
I did also the visuals for the entire evening so look into my video social media to see those!

1 Enrico Sagiuliano by Astral Projection
2 Trance Media by Disco Therapy
3 Adele by Skyfall (Shameless remix)
4 High school drop-outs by Acid Over (And Over And Over Again)
5 Boris Brejcha by Up Down Jumper
6 Blawan by Shader
7 Deadmau5 by Imaginary Friends
9 Mr Ozio by Let the children techno
8 Jay Cosmic by The Tunnel
9 Djedjotronic by THe invisible landscape
10 Droplex by Psychological attack
11 Zombie Nation by Relax
12 Shouse by Love Tonight (Restricted & Nik Sitz Edit)

Kreolis Music World – World & Afrobeat #135


I am doing a small break from electronic msuic with this episode.
We are exploring world music, afrobeat and maybe a bit of ska/dub.
I also have a new toy that I can use in the podcast.

1 Loulou by Etienne de la Sayette
2 Free The System by Dandana
3 Babalawo by Femi Koya
4 Atenteben Blues by Koichi Sakai & Afla Sackey
5 Domoun by LiNDiGo
6 King (Number Rework) by Ian Simmonds ft The Ekonda Women
7 Paisano by Nkumba System ft Mamani Keita
8 Na Lie by The Mabon Dawud Republic ft Dele Sosimi
9 Travelling Man (Dr Dermot remix) by Pannonia Allstars Ska Orchestra ft Sena
10 Ndakhuchama (Village Cuts Dub) by Moseh Drummist
11 Nyash! E Go Bite You! by Yaaba Funk
12 Expensive Water (Mati Yakataika) by They Must Be Crazy ft Selma Uamusse